Energy Systems Engineered to increase power plant output

Complete Turnkey capabilities, from engineering to maintenance

Caldwell Energy systems, including wet compression and inlet fogging solutions, are a cost-effective option for boosting the output and efficiency of gas turbines. With more than 400,000 hours of operating experience in power generation applications around the world, Caldwell Energy systems offer proven performance, and are backed by a 3-year warranty. Most systems can be installed and running within 45 days.

Caldwell Energy’s team of highly-skilled engineers and fabricators design and manufacture its systems to exact specifications, using time-proven components. Depending on the project requirements, Caldwell Energy can also handle installation, start-up and ongoing maintenance, as well as supply critical aftermarket parts for all system needs.

Four types of Caldwell energy systems, all completely customizable

Caldwell Wet Compression Technology™

Direct injection of fog into the turbine compressor allows machine intercooling.

PowerFog® evaporative cooling

System of nozzles in the inlet airstream creates a fog of micro-fine droplets for evaporate cooling.

PowerChill® chiller-based turbine inlet cooling

Skid-mounted chillers come factory-assembled and can be pre-charged with refrigerant.

PowerStor® turbine inlet cooling with thermal energy storage

Ice or water is stored in an insulated tank to cool inlet air prior to a combustion turbine.