Energy Storage Tanks and Cooling Technology

Caldwell Energy is the only provider of all types of turbine inlet cooling technologies: Wet Compression Technology, Evaporative Cooling with Fog, Chilling and Thermal Energy Storage. Caldwell provides these systems for both new and retrofit applications and has worked directly with the major combustion turbine OEMs. Caldwell can provide system maintenance, winterization, start-up, training, and performance monitoring to ensure customers optimize their investments.

Combustion Turbine Inlet Air Cooling (CTIAC)

At higher ambient temperatures a combustion turbine's power output decreases substantially and becomes less fuel efficient. Hot air is less dense, which decreases the mass flow of air to the turbine; less mass flow results in less power output and a higher heat rate. Caldwell Energy Company (CEC) has developed and offers four ways to correct this condition.
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Thermal Energy Storage Systems

Universally recognized and accepted, Thermal Energy Storage (TES) has enabled facilities requiring chilled water-cooling to significantly decrease costs while maintaining desired service levels. Chilled water or ice is produced during off-peak hours and stored in an insulated tank. Electrical costs peak during the day when demand is at its highest and are significantly less during evening hours, when demand decreases. TES allows you to produce ice or chilled water during off-peak hours, store it in an insulated tank, and use it to cool facilities during peak hours.
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