• Increase output by up to 22%
  • Best Cooling Technology for newer, High-Firing Turbines
  • Consistent Inlet Temperature and Turbine Output

Coils mounted in 170 MW turbine PowerChill® systems are refrigeration-based inlet air chilling systems which enhance generation capacity of combustion turbines. Typically the inlet air is cooled in the 45-55°F range depending upon the turbine performance characteristics and inlet housing configuration. PowerChill® systems are designed to:

  1. Optimize cooling system integration with the balance of the combustion turbine and power plant components
  2. Minimize system auxiliary load and differential pressure drop across cooling coils
  3. Optimize off-design point system operation
  4. Provide ease of maintenance and reliability

The newer more efficient turbines have higher firing temperatures and require less airflow per unit output as compared to older turbines. This low airflow to output ratio has made the application of inlet air chilling as a means of increasing turbine capacity more financially attractive. As a result, more and more large-scale industrial turbines are being installed with chilling systems.

Chiller plant The cooling requirements for large combustion turbines is enormous and usually requires multiple chillers. These chillers are skid mounted and shipped to job-sites as one, pre-assembled unit charged with the refrigerant. The control system is typically mounted on either the same skid or in a centralized location in combination with other units. A centralized refrigeration system with separate chiller and pump skids offers more flexibility since these units can operate in multiple combinations.

Caldwell’s specialty is in designing chilling systems tailored to specific needs of the customer whether they are new projects or retrofits. Caldwell is a turnkey provider who offers single point responsibility for overall system design, installation, start-up, commissioning, training, performance, and operation. Caldwell personnel have been designing inlet chilling systems since 1989.

Let Caldwell’s team of experts help you on your next chiller project.