For Operations and Maintenance

Caldwell is the only company that offers full operations and maintenance for all Turbine Inlet Cooling systems. We routinely provide services for not only our own systems but are often consulted for the optimization of OEM and competitor provided systems. Caldwell provides a full array of programs for inlet fogging, chilling and thermal energy storage systems.


  • Provide case studies, budgetary info, review plants, perform performance & economic analyses, provide permitting support, assist with background drawings and specs
  • Can provide necessary info for plant optimization, reliability, availability and maintainability
    Provide spare parts for Caldwell systems as well as any other system
  • Industry leading three year warranty
  • Industry leading five year warranty with maintenance contract
  • Optimizing extensive power augmentation equipment for reliability, availability and maintainability
  • Full service maintenance and service for Caldwell and all other power augmentation services
  • Upgrades and maintenance programs for existing chilling Thermal Energy Storage and fogging systems
  • Spring start-up services
  • Winterization or long term lay-up services