For Engineers

Engineers who are evaluating plant optimization may considering Turbine Inlet Cooling (TIC) as the cheapest and most reliable means of doing so. Combustion turbines, being constant volume machines, lose a significant amount of power capabilities on warm/hot days. Turbine Inlet Cooling allows you to get some of this lost power back. There are four basic types of inlet cooling: evaporative cooling, mechanical chilling, chilling with TES and Wet Compression Technology. Caldwell is the only company that offers all four types of systems and therefore is the only company that can fairly compare each technology in an unbiased manner. Our engineers will help with system design, performance and budgeting for your particular design requirements. Plants that have chilling systems can be retrofitted with a Thermal Energy Storage (TES) tank to allow greater flexibility and redundancy to a system. A plant will see a net increase by allowing the turbine to be cooled while the chilling system is off. Turbine inlet cooling improves efficiency and lowers heat rate for combustion turbines.


  • Provide case studies, budgetary info, review plants, perform performance & economic analyses, provide permitting support, assist with background drawings and specs
  • Our engineers/employees come from power plant backgrounds therefore they understand the requirements for generating plants