Performance Enhancement Of GT 24 With Wet Compression Technology


Sanjeev Jolly, P.E.
Scott Cloyd
Caldwell Energy Company
Louisville, Kentucky, USA


The performance effects of applying wet compression to an advanced frame combustion turbine, the Alstorm GT-24, are presented and contrasted to the performance of mature Frame combustion turbines that have been operated with wet compression systems for many years. The performance comparisons are based on combustion turbines that are equipped with evaporative cooling systems and dry low NOx combustion systems. The paper addresses the relative changes in compressor and turbine operating conditions and how these affect component life. Wet compression is not just haphazardly spraying water into the compressor inlet; care must be taken as there is an expensive and high precision turbine downstream. The system must be properly integrated with the turbine and turbine controls and any issues or concerns with wet compression must be thoroughly evaluated and addressed. The paper also reviews current assessment of applying wet compression systems to combustion turbines and provide performance and economic comparisons to alternative power augmentation technologies for these products.

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