Validation of Patented Wet Compression Technology


Wet compression is much more than spraying water into the turbine. Wet compression on a combustion turbine must be applied systematically and only after a thorough evaluation of the effects on the combustion turbine and all the auxiliaries. The improper design and application of wet compression can cause significant damage to the combustion turbine. The licensees of this technology share in a broad base of know-how and proof testing acquired over the past 10 years relative to the application.

Siemens Westinghouse has applied this power augmentation technology to almost 30 combustion turbines, including the W501 A, W501 D5, 501 D5A, V84.2 and the V84.3A2. They have recently released this for some F-Class combustion turbines. Caldwell Energy has recently developed and supplied wet compression systems and completed one-year commercial operation testing for Alstom and General Electric combustion turbines.


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