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Caldwell Tanks, Inc. Awarded Molten Salt Storage Tanks for Solar Power Plant Project

Jan 14th, 2011

Contact: John E. Kraft, P.E.

Phone: 502.964.3361


3 P.M. EDT, January 14, 2011


  LOUISVILLE, KY JANUARY 14, 2011:  Louisville-based Caldwell Tanks, Inc. has been awarded the supply of twelve Molten Salt Thermal Energy Storage Tanks for the Solana Solar Power Plant Project under construction in Gila Bend, Arizona.  The Solana Project, with a total investment of around $2 billion, is the world’s largest parabolic trough concentrating solar plant and the first large-scale solar plant in the United States capable of storing energy.   The molten salt storage tanks are an integral part of the 250 MW net Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant being constructed in the Mojave Desert southwest of Phoenix, AZ.  Caldwell will be constructing the tanks through 2012 and the plant will be in full production in 2013.

“Caldwell Tanks is proud to be a part of the Solana Solar Power Plant Project.  We have been providing thermal energy storage tanks for optimizing fossil power plants and demand side management programs for over twenty years.  This project allows Caldwell to expand our products into the renewable energy side of generation”, said John Kraft, Caldwell’s Vice President for Energy and Industrial.  “The tanks will be fabricated at our Louisville, Kentucky and Newnan, Georgia plants and then erected onsite in Gila Bend, Arizona.”

Caldwell was awarded the contract from the EPC consortium, Teyma USA & Abener Engineering and Construction Services, for the supply of these tanks.  Both Teyma and Abener are subsidiaries of Abeinsa, headquarters of the Engineering and Industrial Construction of the Abengoa business group, a technological company which applies innovative solutions for sustainable development.  The twelve large insulated tanks filled with molten salt will be used with CSP to store the heat energy from the sun. This stored heat can then be used to produce energy during periods of low or no sun, including the evening hours. Solana will produce enough energy to serve 70,000 households and will avoid the emissions of 475,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year compared to a natural gas burning power plant.


About Caldwell Tanks, Inc.

Headquartered in Louisville, KY, Caldwell Tanks, Inc. has been building innovative, customized storage tanks and vessels throughout North America since 1887.  Caldwell is the industry leading provider of water storage tanks and growing provider of industrial field-erected tanks and vertical concrete storage structures, concrete construction for foundations, tank asset preservation programs, power augmentation and coatings divisions. 



About Abengoa Solar

Abengoa Solar focuses its activity on the development and application of technologies for generating electrical power from the sun.  Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Abengoa Solar has offices in Arizona, California, and Washington, DC.  Abengoa Solar develops large scale solar power plants using parabolic trough, power tower and photovoltaic technologies.  The company also owns and operates several smaller industrial solar systems in the southwestern U.S. and conducts extensive research and development activities in collaboration with National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). 



About Abener-Teyma

Abener and Teyma represent the emergence of a new leader in engineering and construction of projects for sustainable development.  This consortium is based on the wide experience of Abener and Teyma as EPC constructors of bio-fuel and renewable energy plants.  Both are subsidiaries of Abeinsa, the headquarters of the Engineering and Industrial Construction of the Abengoa business group in Spain. www.abengoa.es/corp/web/en/index2.html


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